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Our Process

We can sum our distinguishing factor in one word: Exclusivity. More than that, we glory in hidden craftsmanship; especially in custom cabinetry. Just because no one sees certain elements doesn’t mean we ignore that element.Even though no one will see it, behind-the-scenes elements enhance the soul underlining each custom cabinet. The bones are just as important as the visible elements of the project you’ve chosen. Here’s a glimpse into how we provide the custom cabinetry for your project. We keep every element of the design, fabrication and pre-installation process in-house. This gives continuity, efficiency, and world-class quality for your installation.


Our company started off as an aquarium fixture developer and we still to this day craft some of the finest enclosures on the planet. Our custom aquarium enclosure solutions are custom designed to your specifications and integrate into your current decor or become the focal piece for your home.

1. Design
We sit down with you to experience your vision. You only need to bring your imagination, we’ll provide the rest. To create the visuals for your design, we use the latest in computer-aided design (CAD) software, workstations, and dimensions. Our commitment to details and exacting quality starts here - from the very first step.
2. Engineering
Once you are pleased with the overall design, we get down to the complex step of engineering the entire project. This ensures we implement your vision exactly as we’ve designed it. This is also the time when we work out the details of installation in your space. It’s critical we get this one right as all of our building and installation hinge on the accuracy of this step. That’s why we employ sophisticated engineers who anticipate any eventuality.
3. Building
We’re proud to say all of our building and development of the materials for your project are done in-house. Our craftsmen work closely with our engineers, as do our fabricators, and the pros who cut and fit your materials before installation.
4. Installation
Your design comes into full bloom in this final step. Our installation experts combine our trademark passion for design, respect of sustainable resources, and our traditional craftsman approach to detailed fabrication. Here’s where we lavish the vision of your project with the skills, experience, and dedication we’ve honed through several decades.

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